Marathon, 2 HP General Purpose Motor, 3 Phase, 1200 RPM, 575 V, 100L Frame, TEFC


Meets IE3 European and NEMA Premium® efficiencies
Aluminum (63-90 frame) or Cast Iron (100-315 frame) frame construction
Nameplated 60/50 hertz at same HP, above 90 frame is 60/50 Hz at next lower HP
MAX GUARD® Class F Insulation, Class B rise @ rated KW
IP55 weatherproof enclosure, Rotatable/Removable Base (63-90 frame)
Wye Start-Delta Run on 160 Frame and larger
10:1 Variable Torque, Constant Torque speed range as noted
Top Mounted/Oversized gasketed terminal box
Meets IEEE45, IEC60092 & USCG CFR46 Marine Duty (63-90 frame “Below Deck”)
1.15 Service Factor on 60 Hz sine wave, 1.0 SF or VFD, IEC Design “N” with NEMA “B” Torques