Marathon, 7.5 HP Washdown Motor, 3 Phase, 3600 RPM, 230/460 V, 213JM Frame, TEFC


Suitable for use on VFD 10:1 variable torque, 10:1 (TEFC) or 1000:1 (TENV) constant torque
MAX GUARD Class F insulation system
Double sealed ball bearings with moisture resistant, high temperature grease
300 series stainless steel external construction: frame, end-shields, shaft, conduit box, mounting base and hardware for superior corrosion resistance
Internal corrosion resistant coatings on rotor and heavy polyester varnish on the stator
100% paint-free construction
Viton o-rings, shaft seals, and gaskets for superior sealing against chemicals
Hydrophobic breather in OP endshield and conduit box equalize air pressure
Nameplate information laser etched on frame